Sunday, April 5, 2015

Meet Writing Coach Rebecca (RJ) Thesman

Rebecca, better known as RJ, Thesman has attended different conferences over the years. A few years ago I sat in her classroom in a Called to Write Conference in Girard, Kansas. She is a phenomenal workshop leader and excellent writing coach.

RJ has a Facebook group for those caregiving an Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient—she enjoys helping caregivers find hope when life unravels. You’ll also find delightful stories in her books about the Unraveling of Rev.G. Look for them in the Wordsowers bookstore.

This year Wordsowers workshops were all filled, when RJ said, “I enjoy getting to
Book One 
know new writers and coaching them on their journey.”  For the first time Wordsowers is offering one on one coaching sessions. For a mere $25 you can sign up for a time with RJ. We asked what she normally charges. “Usually $75 a session.”

Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Kat: Share a bit of background with me—I have your bio, but help me know you better. Tell me something personal?

Rebecca: I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and it's true you can't take the country out of the girl. I have always been a reader and a writer, but I also wanted to be a pastor and a concert pianist. When God called me into ministry, I gave up the concert idea although I did perform a piano concert while a missionary in Honduras. Never got to be a pastor, although I've been in ministry all my life.

Book Two 
Kat: How many books have you written and how did you choose the topic?

Rebecca: I've actually written 8 books. The 1st 4 were nonfiction and self-published to be used in ministry. Then fiction, so that's the three Reverend G books.
Another book is still unpublished and I'm praying about that. The topic of Alzheimer's came because of my mother's illness, my father's dementia and also  my experience in ministry.

Kat:  What led you into coaching other writers?

Rebecca: I became a Certified Life Coach through my work at GateWay of Hope. But I have always loved teaching at writer's conferences and so it was a natural shift into coaching writers.

Kat: Share a bit with our Wordsowers on what to expect from a writing coach.

Rebecca: A writing coach will help you identify a plan for moving past whatever obstacle you're facing. Maybe it's procrastination. Maybe it's finding your writing time / routine, etc. Maybe it's learning more about your core values so you'll know what topic to write about. A coach provides accountability, resources, a listening ear and encouragement.

Kat: Do you have something you’d like the Wordsowers to pray about?

Thank you!! My car is a concern right now. I've been sinking lots of money into it this past year, and praying about a miracle for replacement. Also, I'm facing several transitions in life and searching for another church. This is a source of grief as well as uncertainty. And then, of course, my mother and her Alzheimer's journey.

RJ will be available for a free interview (10 minute session) or $25 for a writers coaching session. Sign up when you register at the conference. 
You can find more info about RJ on her Website Finding Hope When Life Unravels
Facebook, Author page      Twitter          LinkedIn    Facebook Group 

Interview by the Lionhearted Kat - one of the Wordsowers Leadership Team

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