Saturday, April 11, 2015

Angela D. Meyer Teaches a Workshop: DYI Techie

Wordsowers Christian Writers is excited about our own Queen of the Media, Platform Building and DIY Techie, Angela Meyer, teaching a workshop for our third writers conference.

Angela joined Wordsowers a number of years ago. In the spring of 2011 she volunteered along with Jon Miller (then 17), Teresa Tierney and Kat Crawford to become one of the Wordsowers exciting new leadership team.

The new team of leaders had a dream, hold our first Wordsowers Christrian Writers Conference by spring of 2013. Angela built our website, set up facebook pages and encouraged the rest of the team to dig into building better websites, too.

Along with building the Wordsowers media world, Angela wrote her first book and taught workshops on platform building at the Wordsowers monthly meetings. In December of 2013 she moved from a Leadership Team roll to being Wordsowers Number One DIY Techi on the Advisory Council.  

Kat: You are working on your second novel. When will it be published?

Angela: The second book in the Applewood Hill series will be released in early 2016. 

Kat: Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you unblock?

Kat: Ideas are always stirring when it comes to fiction, but sometimes I get so tired, its hard figuring out how to get those ideas on paper. 

Kat: You are presenting a workshop on being a DIY Techie. For the last three
DIY photo from Common Domain Pictures 
years you have created Websites, blogs, and facebook pages for Wordsowers. This year you’ve added memes to the mix. How have you accomplished all this technical stuff?

Angela: When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing and attempted to rope my teenage son into helping me. He would say "Google is your friend, Mom." From then on, when I saw something I wanted to do, I Googled it, read a lot of articles and watched tutorials to help me figure it out. 

Kat: There are many authors online these days teaching writers the basics. Is there one author, or one book that helped you?

Angela: When it comes to writing, one of my favorites is The First 50 Pages by Jeff Gerke. That book helped me tremendously. 

Kat:  Is there something in particular you would like the WordSowers to pray about?

Angela: Balance. It is really easy to let the marketing part of writing take over you life. I need to make sure I leave room to breathe! 

Check her website for more info:  Encouragement for Your Faith Journey

If you find Angela with nothing to do at the conference, pick her brain. She is full of information and enjoys helping writers. 

Interview by the Lionhearted Kat – One of the Wordsowers Leadership Team

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