Friday Events

Friday night 6:00 pm we have 
two special events planned!

 On-Ramp with Lee Warren
 This workshop is offered for new conferees who aren’t sure what to expect from a writers conference. Once the conference begins in earnest on Saturday morning, you will begin meeting with editors to pitch your ideas to them and attending workshops to learn more about the industry and the craft. The pace might be faster than you can handle if you aren’t up to speed. But don’t worry. On-Ramp will give you the information you need to go from zero to sixty, allowing you to merge into the speed of the conference as it begins.

Night Owls

photo credit: Free Digital Photos/
Stuart Miles
Cookies, Coffee and Conversation.  Each workshop leader will present a brief explanation of their workshop then set up at a table where attendees can visit, ask questions, listen to others' Q&A, and network.