Friday, April 17, 2015

CrossRiver founder Tamara Clymer

Publisher Tamara Clymer spent 15 years in the television and newspaper industry before founding the Christian publishing company, CrossRiver Media Group. 

Tamara Clymer, CrossRiver Media publishing
Join us at the Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference for her presentation: Marketing Outside the Box – Ideas for marketing that takes you outside of the traditional and social media marketing box.

Jeanie: Tamara, you worked in the television and newspaper industries for years prior to founding CrossRiver Media Group. What prompted you to make that move?

Tamara: I loved working in the television and newspaper industry, but after fifteen years I felt like I needed to do something  different...something that would use my writing abilities to glorify God. 

A writer/speaker friend of mine sat down with me one evening over hot chocolate and talked about how difficult it was to get her writing published. I knew her work... it wasn't a matter of poor writing or editing. 

It was a limited marketplace that wasn't willing to take a risk on a unproven writer. Over the next few weeks, as she talked, I listened... and I began to believe that God may be calling me to help my friend and writers just like her. A few months later CrossRiver was born.

Jeanie: I'm looking forward to your "Marketing Outside the Box" workshop at theWordsowers Writers Conference in April. Can you share a bit about what you'll cover?

Tamara: We will be talking about specific ways writers can use social media to market their books. It takes more than just sharing blog links and favorite recipes... find out what your fans are needing from you.

Jeanie: In your opinion, when should an author begin marketing their book?

Tamara: Authors really should start their marketing before they have even finished their book. A good solid platform takes time to develop, so it isn't something you want to wait to start when the book is about to be published. Working on your platform before your first book comes out is also a good way to build anticipation of its release. 
 While writing, the author can be working on establishing a blog schedule, finding a following on Twitter and getting their feet wet on Facebook. Not to mention finding speaking engagements and radio

Jeanie: Tamara, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.
Visit with Tamara and learn from her expertise at the Wordsowers Writers Conference April 24th & 25th.

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