Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Phil Morgan, Song-crafter & Author

Musical artist Phil Morgan
Award-winning musical artist and author Phil Morgan shares his song-crafting expertise at the 2015 Wordsowers Writers Conference.

Musician Phil Morgan has toured from Alaska to the Carribbean and across much of the USA. His unique blend of knowledge, talent, and humor provides a valuable resource to those seeking to hone their song creation skills.

Phil walked with his wife, Pam, through her miraculous recovery from parapalegia, and the ensuing TV appearances, speaking engagements, and concerts. 

I caught up with him 8 CDs, 2 videos, and 3 books later.

Jeanie: When did you begin writing songs?
Phil: I started writing songs long before I knew I was writing songs.  I’ve always loved music, and as early as age five I would play on my backyard swingset and sing about whatever happened in my life that day.  I started taking piano lessons at age nine and continued for five years.  During that time I listened to all styles of music, studying how the songs were crafted and what made some songs speak to me emotionally.  I still listen to music voraciously, seeking well-crafted songs.
Musical artists Phil and Pam Morgan family

Jeanie: Some people, like me, compose lyrics, but aren't gifted in the area of music composition. Is your workshop a good fit for us?
Phil: Absolutely!  I’ll be sharing how lyric writing is similar and different from other styles of writing.  We’ll also look at basic musical composition and how lyrics are married to a melody.  It’s impossible to write appropriate lyrics without some understanding of the entire process.  As a writer, I am constantly approached by people who have a poem or lyrics they want to put to music.  Even if the idea and poem are excellent, it is unlikely to be a great lyric without some modification to fit the music.  Understanding the big picture helps your lyric be the best it can be.

Jeanie: Who will benefit from your workshop?
Phil: Anyone wanting to learn more about the craft of songwriting, whether they want to write songs or not.  We listen to music everyday, and understanding the science behind how great songs are written brings a new depth and appreciation to the listening experience.  A great song tells a memorable story and creates emotional impact, all in around three minutes!  The skills and mindset required to do so can give a fresh perspective on any style of writing.  I’m excited to share my passion for communicating God’s love through our unique talents.

Jeanie: How would you like us to pray for you?
Phil: Always that God would keep my focus on Him so I can communicate my Christian walk effectively, whether in a song or my daily life.

Phil, thanks for taking time to chat with us. 

Musical artists Phil and Pam Morgan

Join us at the April 2015 Wordsowers Writers Conference for Phil's workshop, The Art of Songcrafting. 

Plus catch his author-speaker-singer wife Pam's "The Complete Communicator" workshop.  

Click here to listen to a sample of Phil and Pam's music.

For more information on their music ministry, go to PhilandPamMorgan.com.

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