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Laree Lindburg with EMoon Publishing

Laree Lindburg arrived at the Wordsowers monthly meeting sometime in 2006.
Laree Lindburg of EMoon Publishing
She attended our critique group and several of our monthly meetings over the years…especially when we met at Shadow Lake, closer to her home. Wordsowers is excited about Laree holding her marketing debut for Emoon Publishing at our conference. Look for the EMoon booth.

Kat: In a few sentences tell us about you, family and background of Emoon Publishing:

Laree: My husband, Tyler, and I have been married for almost 14 yrs. We have four children--three boys, one girl. Writing is a process I have enjoyed from a young age and have dabbled in contest entries along the way. After college, I began to pursue my "creative side" more actively. I practiced by penning children's lit, articles, short stories and devotions a number of which went on to be published.

Later I worked on a children's book. I attended a writer's conference in 2006. There, I signed with a literary agent. He convinced me to write a Christian non-fiction work I had on my heart. He marketed the non-fiction work to publishing houses, but all reported back a major void—no platform. The book is still not published, but the literary agent and I became friends. He hooked me up with edits, rewrites and a ghost writing job through his firm. I’m thankful for the experience gained.

Published by EMoon
Two years after signing with the lit agent, he started a small publishing company--Electric Moon. He hired me as the eBook formatter/publisher. Several years later, ownership of eMoon transferred to DustJacket Press in Oklahoma—my identity remained glued to eMoon as its manager. Emoon is still serving as DJ's eBook specialist. In 2014 I acquired ownership of eMoon. And now here we are!

Since the time of eMoon's birth, I have formatted and/or published 80+ books for digital publication. An irreplaceable experience in the publishing world. 

Kat: Question: What is your number one goal in becoming a publishing company?

Laree: To produce satisfied authors, publish quality written work and glorify the Lord.

Kat: Why is your publishing company different than others? Do you hire freelance editors? How do you develop a book cover?

Laree: As authors and writers ourselves, we contemplated and prayed about what we would want in a publishing house. Our conclusion: EMoon gives RIGHTS and ROYALTIES back to the author. We do ask the authors to maintain our name as publisher and allow us to use your book for marketing our business. Even though the author maintains rights and royalties, and eMoon may incur monetary loss in the long run, our goal is to not penalize the author for this gift by passing on the cost. As a result, we offer fair and competitive pricing on all our services.

Published by EMoon February 2015
Down the road, eMoon plans to offer marketing, begin an online bookstore (through our website), host writer's contests and produce Electric Moon imprint books.  

Four team members, other than myself are employed at eMoon: a typesetter, cover creator (graphics designer), paper publisher, editors, writers and electronic publishers. To keep up with the trends, we are pleased to offer EPUB and MOBI files of your book—the author can then sell as downloads directly off their website.

At this time, we do not have a need for freelance editors. Our cover designers create sole front covers (for eBooks) and front, spine, backs (for paperbacks). We are able to use an image you own the rights to or use our own stock images and creations. 

Emoon does desire to show integrity in what it chooses to publish, therefore, we do not publish erotic materials and reserve the right to deny any manuscript. If a work comes across our desks needing editorial "clean up" we will suggest this as mandatory before we will consider publishing.

Kat: How are you marketing Electric Moon Publishing?

Laree: You can find "EMoon Publishing," on Facebook "Electric Moon Publishing," and on Twitter—EmoonPubber. Mostly, we want to be known by word-of-mouth. Those verbal affirmations from pleased authors are the best marketing available! 

Special note from Kat: EMoon Publishing About us page is sure to scroll down and read about the team and their quirks. 

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