Monday, January 26, 2015

Conference Tip: Business Cards

Business cards are a must have for conference networking. 

You'll meet people you want to stay in touch with. Asking them to jot your contact info on a piece of paper is asking for it to be lost. 

A basic business card does not have to cost much. There are certainly other places, but at Vista Print you can get 500 for $10. So don't waste time. Order some today. 

What do you need on your business card?
Name The same as you have it on social media. If you use an initial, be sure to have that on your card.

Your picture: Use a professional quality picture. Its hard enough to remember who is who that you meet. A picture helps a lot. 

Graphics: Keep it simple. If you have a book published, then of course, you want book/author info. The tag line from your website is also a nice possibility. 

Most places will have some templates and pictures you can use. But keep in mind if you use their picture, others may as well. It won't be as original. If you upload your own graphics, make sure it is yours or you have permission to use if someone else's. 

Social Media: Put what you have, if you haven't gotten started with this, don't worry. You can add these to your next set of cards.

Contact Info: You want to have a way for people to reach you. But these are your author cards and at some point you will likely hand them out to the public. Don't put any contact info you don't want the public to have. Consider setting up an author email separate from your personal one. This is a good way to let the public contact you without getting into your personal stuff. 

When you trade cards with someone (yes, be sure and ask for theirs, too), take a moment to jot on the back some tidbit that will bring that person to mind. 

After you get home from the conference, follow up with those you met. Connect with them on social media and let them know you enjoyed meeting them. 

Angela D. Meyer is the author of Where Hope Starts a finalist in the 2014 Grace awards. Her short story, More to the Story, was a genre winner for the 2014 Family Fiction short story contest and she is a contributor to the devotional collection The Benefit Package. You can catch Angela on social media encouraging women in their faith journey and watch her video devotionals on her YouTube channel. She lives in Nebraska with her family and is active in Wordsowers Christian Writers group.

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