Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reasons to Attend Wordsowers Conference

Have you been wanting to go to a conference? Have you struggled to justify the money and time? I may be a bit biased, but I do have 7 great reasons for you to come to the Wordsowers conference.

1) We're just plain fun! We love to laugh and share a smile. We want you to encourage, motivate and equip you to pursue your dreams. 

2) New connections and friends. Be sure and bring your business cards! Expect to connect while you're here. 

3) Learn. Learn. Learn. We have a great line up of classes. See the Workshops page for listing of presenters and topics. 

4) Cost.  Our cost is one of the lowest you will find for a high quality conference. 

5) Location. Located in the middle of the country, we're easy to find.    

6) Opportunities: Editors, agents and publishers appointments. Some in person and some via Skype. Pitch your manuscript, Find out what they are looking for. Get past the slush pile!

7) Help. Do you need help with a project? Do you need a partner in writing or critiquing? This is a great place to find someone to travel with on your writing journey. 

Is there some obstacle holding you back?

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